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Akademie Der Künste

Around for over 300 years, Berlin’s Akademie Der Künste is a truly historic German institution. It was founded by Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg in the late 1690s as an arts community to promote learning and discussion, modelled after the academies of Rome and Paris, and has since led the art world with various remodelling and reform since. Around 1800 it was heralded as the image of social and cultural progression in the spirit of the Enlightenment, and later that decade founded a university, before incepting the construction of the now-equally revered Neues Museum. The Cold War later saw the Academy dramatically split in two, with premises held separately in both East and West Berlin, with each held by opposing political influences. In 1994 however, the Academies joined together on equal terms with the support of both Federal States, and started to reclaim its position at the front of the art world, this time in a beautiful building by Günter Behnisch.

Now, the ever-exciting calendar of contemporary exhibitions, events, public programmes, and conferences, outshine the colourful history of the Academy. Here you can expect presentations dedicated to all manner of media, from photography to performance, alongside the annual Berlin Art Prize, and even the Festival of Contemporary Music – all treated with a progressive perspective that Elector Frederick III would be proud of.



Eat & Drink

Akademie Der Künste


With a mixed European influence, this lovely space has a variety of delicious light meals, from spinach spaetzle to handmade ravioli, all with some really well-thought out wine accompaniments. Weinwirtschaft really shines in desserts too, and our tip is to get anything with honey – Weinwirtschaft’s honey is collected from beehives right on the Academy’s grounds.


Akademie Der Künste

Bookstore of the Academy of the Arts

The Bookstore of the Academy of the Arts is currently under construction. Please check back soon for more information.

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General information


Akademie der Künste
Pariser Platz 4
10117 Berlin




+49(0)30-200 57-0 / -1000

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 10.00 – 22.00

General Admission

Dependent on exhibition.

Getting There

U-Bahn, S-Bahn (Brandenburg Gate).

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