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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum museum owes its classic Dutch Neo-Renaissance design to 19th century architect Pierre Cuypers. The building has become a true landmark for the city, and the museum’s collection is one of it’s most impressive attractions.

This collection has grown to include about 8000 pieces of art, artillery, costumes, paintings, and jewels, and focuses on Pre-Modern and Modern Europe as well as selected works from Asia, and is one of the only places in the world to combine masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Dyck. This accolade makes the Rijksmuseum one of the premier intellectual and artistic centres of the Netherlands, and a truly important institution. One of the museum’s most loved spaces is the Gallery of Honour, a cathedral-like room on the second floor which features works masterpieces the Dutch Golden Age.

However, although the museum is internationally recognised for its historic collection, the Rijksmuseum places itself firmly in the 21st century by now including modern and contemporary exhibitions, including photography shows, as well as fantastic sculpture installations in the outdoor garden.

Eat & Drink

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Café

Located in the museum’s Atrium, the Rijksmuseum Café boasts great view of the central courtyard while they dine on excellent Dutch pastries, sounds and sandwiches. Soft drinks, and typically Dutch gin and Heineken. Impressively, all of this is available 365 days a year.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Shop

This huge shop is absolutely filled with gifts and souvenirs. The Rijksmuseum has printed Rembrandt and co. on everything from watches to mugs, so you can bring your experience with the masters with you everywhere. There’s also an interesting collection of jewellery and ceramics, particularly Delftware, and, of course, a great selection of relevant books on both the city and museum collection.

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General information


Jan Luijkenstraat 1

Amsterdam 1071 CJ



+31 (0) 20 674 7000

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 09.00 – 18.00

General Admission

€ 14

Getting There

Tram: Hobbemastraat Bus: Hobbemastraat

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