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Perhaps Turkey’s leading destination, SALT is the exciting home of a number of contemporary, interdisciplinary non-profit projects and programmes as a multi-fuctional cultural complex. Their dedication to research and the understanding of visual culture has pushed this destination to the forefront of progressive thinking, and allowed them to create both thought-provoking exhibitions and establishing SALT Research and SALT E-Publishing, two incredible sources for the study of art.


Aside from their academic contributions, this tall 19th century townhouse shows exhibitions of all genres and mediums. Visitors can always expect the unexpected – eclectic mixes of architectural, anthropological, sound, performative, and traditional visual works are all welcomed, and displayed democratically, and equally appreciatively. Afterwards, you can even discuss what you’ve seen on the building’s beautiful rooftop garden, with great views of the city.


Overall, this is an excellent destination that gives us a glance into the future of art display – going beyond the bounds of exhibition into innovation and progressive exploration, leading the way for the growing, artistically expanding city of Istanbul.

Destination Ranking

  • 138 Overall
    • 91 Exhibitions & Programming
    • 93 Architecture & Spatial Design
    • 24 Eat & Drink
    • 93 Shop
    • 91 Digital Experience

General information


SALT Beyoglu:
Istiklal Caddesi 136


SALT Galata:
Bankalar Caddesi 11




SALT Beyoglu:
+90 212 377 42 00

SALT Galata:
+90 212 334 22 00

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 12.00 – 20.00
Sunday 10.30 – 18.00

General Admission


Getting There

SALT Beyoglu:
Tram: Galatasaray

SALT Galata:
Tram: Karakoy
IETT: IETT Persemble Pazari Duragi

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