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Leading Culture Destinations is a dynamic new guide to arts institutions around the world. It is dedicated to supporting these institutions by helping cultural travellers navigate the broad range of offerings available across the globe – encouraging them to discover and explore new destinations for themselves. What makes LCD unique is our Culture Index, which rates and ranks institutions in five different categories: Exhibitions & Programming, Architecture & Spatial Design, Eat & Drink , Shop and Digital Experience. The rankings are created using feedback from our LCD ambassadors – a group of highly respected experts, innovators and leading figures from the creative world, who have shared their insight with our community. This feedback is then put through a bespoke algorithm, which creates our index – meaning that Leading Culture Destinations is wholly democratic whilst still being an informed and trustworthy, specialist guide. The index categories recognise a revolution within cultural institutions, which has seen them become not only places to see art and learn, but also destinations in which to meet, socialise, shop and, sometimes, even sleep. Along with the Culture Index, our editorial features, which include reviews and expert tips and individual city culture packages help us fulfill our mission – to promote ongoing and expanded visitor engagement with cultural institutions around the world.


Our Team

Leading Culture Destinations was set up by a team of cultural enthusiasts and global explorers, dedicated to sharing our passions and experiences and to promoting the places we love. We are not bystanders. We are art lovers, cultural nomads, food fanatics, people collectors and party animals. We are active in the creative community and hell-bent on giving back to those institutions that have inspired and informed us, by creating a platform that will helps drive visitors to them – connecting a global audience with the art culture and around us all.

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