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Nicollette Ramirez

Nicollette Ramirez founded the great independent arts initiative, Beez and Honey, which showcases the work of emerging artists in different locales, nationally and internationally. To date, exhibitions she has organised exhibitions in Trinidad and Tobago, at Miami’s Art Basel, at New York City’s Armory Show, and in Berlin during Artforum.

With an emphasis on a return to the source of creativity, Beez and Honey promotes artists, as well as the experience of art itself, with performances and other art forms such as film and music.

Before launching Beez and Honey, Nicollette was Creative Director and Marketing and Communications Coordinator of the Chelsea Art Museum, and remains accomplished arts writer, featured in publications such as White Hot Magazine, M Magazine, and Flavorpill.


If there was one piece of art you could feature in, which would it be and why?

One piece is too little. I love many artists working in many media but I’d like to be photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth and David Lachapelle for their fun and sexiness (and I won’t be young forever!)

Who inspires you and why? an artist, a family member, someone current or historical?

I’m inspired by people who live their lives with no holds barred. This could be men or women, young or old, from any education, class or economic background. I’m inspired by Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Ana Mendieta, David Byrne and sometimes the average man on the street.

What are your cultural aspirations? what do you still want to see, do and achieve?

Everything. And I mean EVERYTHING…

What are your favourite cultural cities in the world and why?

I haven’t traveled enough to answer this question but I love Bali. Bali is all art; music, dance, painting, sculpture. And this art, or creativity is tied in very much with spirituality, and the place of women in society. I like that. I would argue I see more art in a place like this than in some of the major cultural cities in the world, which put too much pressure on the economics and lose sight of the art.

What are you up to at the moment and where can we find it?

I’m up to everything! Having a book edited, writing songs and recruiting musicians to put the lyrics to music, curating exhibitions and selling art. Just keep an eye out online, I’m unusual in the art world in the sense that I tell everything. I’m not good at hiding but can be discreet when necessary. My life is an open book, no pun intended, and I like it that way. Saves people the time of digging up stuff when I hand it to them on a plate: Twitter. My regularly updated blog also offers my unique point of view on the art world: www.beezandhoney.com July 2014.

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